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by | Jun 8, 2016 | Gas Detection, Personal Safety

iAssign -Ventis Pro - Industrial Scientific

Unified worker & site tracking technology quickens process of identifying who, when and where gas data is recorded

If a worker is using a different personal gas detector each day and travelling all over the facility, would you or your safety manager understand where the alarms have taken place, which workers have been affected and when the incident took place?

Figuring this out can be a tedious task.

Using a Ventis™ Pro Series multi-gas detector with iAssign™ technology overcomes these issues.

Ventis Pro Multi Gas Detector

With the Ventis™ Pro Series and iAssign™ Technology, the worker wirelessly enters their name and a location into the gas detection instrument simply by tapping a small iAssign™ tag to the instrument. This iAssign™ tag is unique to the worker so it’s suggested to keep on their own helmet, on the back of their mobile phone or somewhere accessible.

Once the worker and/or site information has been transferred from the iAssign™ tag to the instrument, all data recorded in the instrument will be tagged with the user and location information. Permanently mounted iAssign™ tags will be at the point of entry at each zone or working area. Once the worker moves from one area to the next, the worker will tap the gas detector against the mounted tag. At this point the Ventis™ Pro specific to that worker is recording all the data from that location.

Ventis Pro Multigas detector

When the Ventis™ Pro is docked on the docking station at the end of the day, all datalogging and alarm event data will be tagged with this user and site information.

Having the worker’s data captured and organised makes it much easier to take action based on the data to improve safety by making changes to the process, equipment or training.

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