ToxiRAE II Gas Monitor To Be Discontinued

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Emissions Monitoring, Latest News

ToxiRAE II Gas Monitor

ToxiRAE II Gas Monitor

Following the news of the discontinuation of the ToxiRAE II, a1-cbiss have taken steps to offer an alternative range of excellent gas detectors, helping you improve safety, ensure compliance and manage cost of ownership.

Honeywell Analytics have decided to discontinue the ToxiRAE II series of personal gas monitors and related accessories as from 31 March 2016. The ToxiRAE II is a full-featured single-gas monitor:

– Compact and light enough to clip onto a uniform or belt

– Continuously displays gas concentration, short-term exposure limit (STEL) and time-weighted average (TWA)

– Choose 1 gas sensor from 10 or more toxic gases or oxygen

– 3 alarm system


Alternative Gas Detection Products:


GasBadge Pro

– Interchangeable “smart” sensors monitor oxygen or any one of any toxic gases

– Users can configure the display for their own requirements

– The GasBadge’s compact size and light weight allow it to be worn comfortably with a variety of clip attachments

– Minimum 2600 hours continuous operation


Protege ZM

– Two year operating life, no charging or calibration required

– Three point alarm system including audible, visual and tactile alarms

– Customisable LCD display can show operating life remaining, real time gas readings or both

– User configurable alarm set points, bump, and calibration reminders

– Data logging capabilities

– IP 66/67 rated enclosure


ToxiRAE Pro

– The ToxiRAE Pro is the ideal single gas monitor

– The ToxiRAE Pro uses plug and play “Smart” sensors, this allows the user to purchase just one unit but use multiple sensors

– Small, light and extremely shock resistant the ToxiRAE Pro offers superior protection in any environment

– The ToxiRAE Pro is supplied as standard with audible (95 dBA), visual and vibrating alarm to warn wearers of any potential risk whilst an optional confidence beep reassures the operator that the unit is working correctly

– The ToxiRAE Pro is supplied as standard with an in-built datalogger able to store data for up to 3 months (at 1min log intervals), but can be changed to record more frequently, up to every second

– This information can be downloaded out and analysed in the free ProRAE software


If you are not sure which replacement gas detector you need, contact a1-cbiss

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