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Visit a1-cbiss to see why we are a market leading provider of MCERTS certified CEM Systems.

We offer technical consultancy to help you meet CEMS legislation and your permit requirements.

Our systems provide you with a cost-effective solution offering maximum efficiency, reliability and confidence knowing that your system is supported by the industry’s largest service team.

Visit a1-cbiss at stand 20D78-E79 to discuss your CEMS requirementssee the latest additions to our product portfolio.

  • MIR 9000H
  • MIR-IS
  • Continuous Particulate Analyser (CPA)
  • Syngas Monitoring System

MIR 9000H

Using the heated Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation technology, the MIR 9000H is a perfect multi-gas analyser for multiple applications including Energy from Waste and Power Generation.

The MIR 9000H is available for simultaneous and continuous measurement. It is designed to measure wet and corrosive samples of CO, CO2, NO, NO2,SO2, HCl, HF, O2 in addition of NH3 and H2O.

The MIR 9000H offers a robust and reliable design as it’s built in a stainless steel tight box for withstanding the harshest of industrial environments.


Developed specifically for CEMS and process online monitoring, the MCERTS accredited MIR-IS in-situ multi-gas CEM analyser is a compact, short-extractive system based onthe well-known MIR-9000 analyser.

The MIR-IS uses Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation principle, a well-established method to reduce cross interferences between compounds to ensure high accuracy. This technology provides highperformance sensitivity, and amulti-gas analysis solution (Up to 10 gases including HCl & O2 as an option) integrating optional flue gas temperature, flow and pressure measurements on a single sampling probe, means a single sampling point.

Designed to operate under legislation such as 2000/76/EC (WID) and 2001/80/EC (LCPD), the MIR-IS offers maximum availability and complete compliance with EN15267-3 and QAL 1 of EN14181.


The CPA is the brand new particulate analyser that provides simultaneous, continuous information on the concentration, size and the nature of inhalable particles (TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1).


In modern gasification where syngas composition is paramount fordetermining the calorific value, the a1-cbiss Syngas Monitoring System (SMS) provides an accurate, cost-effective solution.

The SMS is designed to monitor and report the constituents of the syngas produced by the gasification process.

“Supports qualification of ROCS”

The SMS provides live calorific value, essential to determine your qualification for renewable obligation certificates (ROCS).

What: RWM – Resource Efficiency & Waste Management Solutions

When: 11.9.12 – 13.9.12

Where: NEC, Birmingham

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