When Your Gas Detector Alarms, Do You Know What To Do?

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Fixed Gas Detection, Gas Detection, Personal Safety

Ventis Pro gas detector alarm

Gas detectors can go into alarm for a number of reasons but would you or your employees know what to do in the event of an alarm?

Gas detectors can go into alarm for a number of reasons – target gas reaching low or high alarm thresholds, low battery, calibration due, out of service, gas sensor fault. But would you know what to do? Have you been trained in how to react to this alarm?

The new Ventis Pro gas detector from Industrial Scientific shows alarm action messages which provide written instructions during low and high alarm events, helping workers to react appropriately.

Messages like “EVACUATE” or “VENTILATE” simplify the user response by providing clear instructions when an instrument goes into alarm.

alarm event message, ventis pro gas detector

Alarm Action Messages provide instructional text on the instrument display to assist users in knowing how to react properly in the event that an instrument alarm occurs.

An alarm action message may be programmed for each of the five alert/alarm setpoints for each sensor of the Ventis Pro Series instruments to tell the user, in their native language, whether they should don a respirator, leave the area, seek shelter or take whatever action is required by the company emergency response plan.

Alarm action messages mean that an instrument user doesn’t need to be trained to interpret and understand the meaning of all gas readings, simply read the display and follow the clear instructions.

Ventis Pro Multi Gas Detector

The Ventis Pro has a number of enhanced features such as iAssign, Enhanced Alarm Capabilities and Flexible Sensor Configurations. Learn more about the Ventis Pro

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