Wouldn’t You Prefer a Slimmer & More Lightweight Model?

by | Feb 11, 2015 | Gas Detection, Personal Safety


Is your model looking a little old and tired?

Then why not upgrade to a new model! We have a wide range of portable/personal gas detectors including single gas, multi-gas, PID’s and area gas monitors.

Find your perfect model today

Protege ZM, Scott Safety

Protege ZM from Scott Safety

The Ptotege ZM is a 2 year single gas detector from Scott Safety. Housed in a red coloured tough casing, the Protege ZM is the newest single gas detector is the newest gas detector in the a1-cbiss range


Protege from Scott Safety

The Protege is a multi-gas detector from Scott Safety. Housed in a blue coloured hour glass shaped casing, it fits perfectly into your hand.

Ventis MX4 Confined Space Detector

Pumped Ventis MX4 from ISC

Available in either pumped (for confined space entry) or diffusion models, the Ventis MX4 is our most popular multi-gas detector.

BM25 Area Gas Monitor

BM25 Area Gas Monitor from ISC

The BM25 is the most strong and rugged area gas monitor.

ToxiRAE Pro Gas Monitor

ToxiRAE Pro from RAE

The ToxiRAE Pro can monitor a wide range of toxic gases, CO2, LEL and PID.

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