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CLPX Toxic Gas Sampling Monitor

SKU: 2-700-001

The Next Generation ChemLogic Portable (CLPX) provides powerful portable gas detection of isocyanate and toxic gases to meet a wide variety of applications. 

‘‘The CLPX is the most reliable, fool proof, user friendly low level gas detector on the market”

Excl. VAT: £6,158.00 Incl. VAT: £7,389.60
Excl. VAT: £6,158.00 Incl. VAT: £7,389.60

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The ChemLogic Portable (CLPX) provides powerful gas detection of isocyanate and toxic gases in a portable unit.

The CLPX employs DOD Technologies reliable ChemLogic paper-tape technology to detect toxic gases and utilises the most advanced electronics and analysis software to meet the needs of health and safety professionals who need to monitor at several sample points within a plant.

The CLPX has its main use in applications that use paints, polyurethane products and chemical manufacture.

The CLPX is a versatile instrument that can be configured to detect a variety of isocyanate and toxic gases, eliminating the need to purchase different instruments or different gas keys to sample different gases. Changing the instrument from detecting one gas to another requires a simple change of the cassette.

What's included: Case, Battery Charger, Flash Card, Flow Meter, Calibration Stick and Manual

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