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Pro2 Flex Filters

SKU: Pro2flex

P3 R Particle filter & P3 R NOV/AG Particulate Filter with Nuisance Level Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Relief

Product Description


Scott Safety’s particulate & particulate nuisance odour PRO2FLEX filters provide suitable protection for a range of solid and liquid particles or for odours including Organic Vapours and Acid Gases (such as Hydrogen Fluoride) below the PEL (permissible exposure limit) or WELS (workplace exposure limits). Low profile, cost effective and lightweight PRO2FLEX filters provide enhanced compatibility with face protection, sitting effectively beneath face or welding shields.

• Lightweight P3 Protection - reduces burden for half / full facemask wearers 
• Nuisance odour option - Provides wearer relief from nuisance smells and odours
• Low profile - enhanced compatibility with face and welding shields 
• Easy connection - utilises Scott’s intuitive Bayonet twin filter system 
• Longevity of use – Scott’s high-quality electrostatic media achieves a high dust capacity against clogging particulates 
• Internationally approved – 6 regional variances* approved to EN143 P3 R, NIOSH P100 & ANZ 1716** permit local sourcing of familiar or multinational standardisation of respiratory protection equipment.


PRO2 FLEX filters are compatible with Scott’s existing twin filter facemask range including the Profile2 half mask and Promask2 full face mask; making their adoption a seamless transition for customers using Scott’s existing Pro2 twin cartridge filter range.

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