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PID Lamp

Multi (5+ Gas) Detectors

Multi-gas detectors either provide personal protection in applications where 5 or more gas hazards are present or to carry out advanced gas monitoring activities because of the superior features these instruments have over 4 gas confined space monitors.

Typically, they are larger in size than confined space detectors, robust and can detect a wider choice of gas hazards. These devices are generally worn directly on the worker’s belt or attached to PPE.


  • Leading Brands – a1-cbiss are knowledgeable in the supply of Crowcon, RAE Systems, BW, and Industrial Scientific five gas detector products.
  • Detectors You Can Rely On – Problems are less likely to arise if your portable gas detectors have a regular service plan. Multi-gas detector service plan starting from £50.
  • Expert Guidance – We consider the exposure limits, environmental conditions, your purpose of gas detection and your budget to propose you a fit for purpose multi-gas detection solution.

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