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AIR-XD Dust Monitor

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The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor can help improve productivity within operations because the device requires less routine maintenance. Cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need for engineers to be sent on site thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.

The Air XD is five times more accurate than the industry standard model. The Air XD is accurate to within +/- 5% providing a reliable, convenient and easy-to-manage dust monitoring solution to hazardous industries. For operation-wide control and visibility, data from the unit can be fed into a SCADA interface.

The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor provides:

  • Instant measurement of particulate matter sizes between 0.35μm – 40μm (including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10 and Total Suspended Particles).
  • Accurate to within +/-5% compared to +/-25% of current industry standard models
  • Sophisticated, algorithm captures up to 10,000 particulates per second
  • Reliable open flow device with no pumps or filters

Simple Setup With Easy Access to Data

Deployment, installation and configuration of the Air XD is simple, just mount the device and turn it on. Once the system checks are complete, the device will begin logging data. The Air XD also comes with a bespoke software package for data visualisation and analysis; live readings, historical data and graphs can be viewed or downloaded via the software.

Low Cost of Ownership

The unit is simple, lightweight and durable, and contains no pumps or filters meaning ultra-high reliability and incredibly low maintenance, reducing the overall total cost of ownership.


What do you need to know about the Air XD?

  • Real-time accurate respirable dust levels are displayed on the screen. Alarm set points allow instant response to dangerous dust levels.
  • There are no filters or pumps and post-shift laboratory analysis is not required.
  • It functions well even in extreme environments, such as high humidity and dirty atmospheres.
  • The patent-protected technology makes compliance with dust-related legislation quicker, easier and lower cost.
  • The measurement flexibility within the unit is second to none and provides something never seen before in a fixed real-time airborne particulate measurement system.
  • The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor is IECEx certified for Group I hazardous locations in underground mines and we also provide a general-purpose variant for use in industrial locations with non-explosive.

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