Stationary Sample Probe 3xx/4xx/5xx Series

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The compact & modular ASP gas sample probes are designed for continuous gas sampling suited for application versitility.

As the ASP is available in different lengths, it is suitable for applications with low to very high dust loads

Depending on the acid dew point, the standard probe operates at 180°C or when necessary with a high temperature version at 320°C (f.e. Denox applications).

A significant advantage is that all filters are replaceable without dismounting the probe without using any tools and in the shortest possible time.

With a choice of different lengths of heated filter body, a filter element of 150mm length, suitable for most applications up to 1g dust/m³ can be integrated.

The probe temperature is controlled by a microprocessor based PID-controller (optional with Modbus/RS485 communication).

Alarm or fault contacts can be programmed and the temperature can be changed easily. The standard sensor is PT100, whereas a thermo-couple is standard for the high temperature version

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