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BW IntelliDox Instrument Management System

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IntelliDoX is the instrument management system for the BW gas detectors. With IntelliDoX, you can feel more confident than ever in the reliability of your gas detection — while improving safety, compliance and productivity.

It Won’t Slow you Down

You can bump a BW Clip Series detector in less than 10 seconds. And you can bump a GasAlertMicroClip in just under 30 seconds.

Workers simply place their detector into the docking module, and it automatically tests the gas detector and sensors while transferring data to your computer for easy record-keeping.

With IntelliDoX you can now perform different operations – all at the same time. When ganged up to the maximum of 5 docking modules, workers can bump test, calibrate, or configure their detectors; even put BW Clip detectors into hibernation. With IntelliDoX, you can get more done in less time.

Use five IntelliDoX modules to bump 50 detectors in under three minutes, so workers don’t have to stand in a long queue at the beginning of a shift.

And just because the BW Clip Series detectors are maintenance-free doesn’t mean you can’t customise them. With IntelliDoX, you can configure the alarm set points and other parameters based on your changing requirements. So your detector always works the way you want it to — whether you’re doing a turnaround or going from one site to another.

Easy Setup

The IntelliDoX system is easy to set up too: It takes just two minutes, and all you need is an Ethernet cable or a USB drive.

  • Record keeping is equally straightforward. With IntelliDoX, you can pull gas-detection data directly from the dock — with no cumbersome workarounds. Not on the network? Just use a USB drive to download data from the dock and transfer it to a computer for analysis.

Thanks to the unique design of IntelliDoX, each docking module has its own LCD and keypad for independent operation, so when you gang multiple modules together, you can perform different activities for different detectors – all at the same time. That’s especially beneficial for bump tests.


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