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Compressor Cooler ACC 1xx/2xx Series

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SKU: ACC 1xx/2xx Series Categories: ,


Ankersmid Compressor Coolers are used to lower the dew point of humid gas to avoid condensate entering into the gas analyser.

This unique micro-processor controlled compressor cooler has been designed with a powerful dew point stabiliser.

The dew point is set at 4°C but can be changed at any value between 1 and 15°C.

A good and stable gas dew point avoids cross-interference if the analyser is sensitive to H2O.

Available for 230VAC and 115VAC power supply.

The ACC cooler is designed especially for:
– Power Plants
– Waste Incinerators
– Cement Manufacturing
– Chemical Production Plants
– Gas Production Plants
– Glass manufacturing
– Timber Processing
– Food Processing

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