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FlowJam Plus

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The FlowJam Plus is a logical development of the established FlowJam sensor which has proved its worth in bulk flow applications

Application Examples

Transfer point

Chips of wood are transported by two screw conveyors in a biomass plant. At the transfer point between the screw conveyors, FlowJam Plus monitors the flow of material.
If the material flow stops, it can quickly detect with the problem exists because the bottom screw conveyor is not discharging material or the supply screw conveyor is not supplying material.

Material infeed to a rotary feeder

In a lime plant, lime is conveyed into the inlet of a rotary feeder via a vertical downpipe. At this point, it should be ensured that there is always a sufficient material flow. When the material column reaches the sensor position in the fall line, the FlowJam Plus signals exactly this state.


  • Rapid detection of material movement (Flow/NoFlow)
  • Additional function “Detection of blockage” or “Material flow interruption”
  • Operates without contact using microwaves
  • A particularly reliable device since microwaves can pass through material accumulations
  • Measurement can be taken from outside all non-metallic tank walls, housings, hose lines or pipelines
  • Can be used even in difficult conditions, in other words, high operating temperatures and pressures and in a version for ATEX zones (with the help of a process adapter)

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