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Micro-Monitoring Station

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The Micro Monitoring Station (MMS) from Environnement consists of a single IP54 enclosure that can hold up to 3 measuring 2M modules.

The MMS combines different autonomous modules based upon their analysis principles:

  1. Chemiluminescence (NO, NO2, NOx)
  2. UV photometry (O3)
  3. IR gas filter correlation (CO, CO2)
  4. UV Fluorescence (SO2)

Compact and available as both portable and fixed, the MMS is the perfect solution for air quality monitoring applications where finding space is a challenge. Alternatively, the MMS can be integrated into small air-conditioned shelters.

The onboard multi-tasking software teamed with a front LCD graphic display gives user-friendly access to the instrument set-up, as well as the status and maintenance parameters.

Its electronics allow enhanced data storage of more than one year of 15 minute averages and complete control of remote trouble shooting via modem.

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