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The MultiRAE family of multi-gas monitors is a market leading, feature packed gas monitor with the power and flexibility to protect workers from their environment whatever the application and conditions. The MultiRAE Pro sits at the head of this family as the most advanced multi-gas monitor on the market.

VOC PPB Measurement

The MultiRAE Pro can take up to 6 sensors and is easily configurable in the field to adapt to changing scenarios or new threats. The MultiRAE Pro has the option for PID detection of VOC’s and has the advantage over other models in the MultiRAE family of being able to use an upgraded lamp to monitor VOC’s down to 10ppb.

When gas levels reach a dangerous level  the MutliRAE Pro will warn operators through it audible, visual and vibrating alarms, in the event of an accident the MultiRAE Pro has an in-built datalogger which simultaneously records all the gas values for download and analysis through the free PC software included with the monitor.

Most Advanced PID Available

With over 20 Toxic sensors available, PID lamps for VOC measurement, Infra-red detectors for CO2 or Methane measurement, Radiation sensors and man down bio monitoring the MultiRAE Pro and the MultiRAE family of products are the ideal gas monitor for any situation.

Selected Sensor Configurations

Part Number Sampling Method Sensor Configuration Wireless Option
MCA3-A3C1REZ-020 Pumped 10.6 eV ppb PID / LEL / CO + H₂S / O₂ / Gamma Non-Wireless
MCA3-A3C168E-020 Pumped 10.6 eV ppb PID / LEL / Cl₂ / NH₃ / O₂ Non-Wireless

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