Scott Safety Meridian Fixed Gas Detector

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The Meridian gas detector was designed to be future proof, allowing you to take advantage of new sensing technologies from Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection while maintaining ease of use and peace of mind.

Lowers Costs Across All Operations

  • Reduced inventory costs through acceptance of up to 3 sensors simultaneously.
  • Reduced training costs from the simplicity of its plug-and-play design
  • Simplified installation with reduced risk of installer error
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost associated with sensor calibration
  • Minimised downtime as there is no need to power down or declassify an area during sensor replacement

Fixed Single Detector Head For All Applications

The Meridian universal gas detector utilises a single detector head to easily accept all sensor types.

Simply attach an infrared or catalytic bead sensor to detect combustible gases or an electrochemical sensor for a toxic environment to the universal detector head and the Meridian gas detector will automatically determine the type of gas to be detected. Installation of the gas sensor is a simple plug-and-play action.

Global Certifications and Approvals

The Meridian fixed gas detector is certified using the highest international standards for global use. What makes it truly universal is that it is a single detector that has all the required approvals for global use.

More Reliable, Accurate Detection

  • Minimal drift: Performs reliably in harsh real-world environments by significantly reducing effects of temperature and humidity.
  • Digital ID: Provides automatic recognition when sensors are replaced, reducing the likelihood of user error during maintenance in the field.
  • Broader toxic gas detection: Several ranges are available for each gas to optimise the sensor’s response in the environment.

The Meridian is now manufactured by Teledyne having previously been badged as the Scott Safety Meridian

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