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XD One Personal Dust Monitor

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XD One monitors dangerous dust and lets you know when to take action. It can worn on person, mounted or installed to provide real-time detection of PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 or PM10.

The XD One is designed to be used both indoor and outside across a wide range of industrial applications.

Adaptive flow rate technology supports measurement accuracy in atmospheres with varying airflow ranges.

Personal Dust Monitoring For Real Life

  • At only 450g, it's light enough to wear in breathing zone
  • 1 compact unit - No pumps, filters, sampling heads, tubes, impactors getting in the way
  • Minimal maintenance: Automatic self-test routine on start-up, and a 1-minute compliance check typically every 3-6 months
  • Be confident with performance - On demand test
  • Instant LED status indication and high frequency alarms for workers who exceed thresholds.
  • 16+ hr battery lasts for duration of shift

Simple Start Up

XD One performs a device self- test on every power up, or whenever you chose. This takes around 5 seconds.

Simply hold down the power button and the XD One will run a systems check and give you visual confirmation

Warnings When You Need Them

Live warning mode: Factory set to respirable dust fraction, and fully customisable in seconds using the BreatheLITE software.

Protect Your People

Change your alarm thresholds quickly and easily through BreatheLITE.

Select your size - PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 or PM10

Select logging intervals between 10 and 60 seconds

Select your density thresholds (mg/m3)

Data For You to Make Improvements

Data logging in full Total Suspended Particulate (TSP) up to 10 years of data recording capacity.

Download your data, configure your device, maintain audit trails and run compliance checks - all quickly and easily - using your free BreatheLITE software.

Connect directly to BreatheLITE on your laptop and track real- time changes in your environment.


No change-out of pumps, filters, impactors, sensing heads or any other part. No need to return to Trolex.

All we recommend is a compliance test dependant on your use and environment.

Simply connect your XD One to BreatheLITE and perform a simple 1-minute Compliance Test with a Trolex-verified Compliance Pack

As a minimum, we recommend a compliance test as per below based on typical dust loadings.

Dust Loadings

Low Dust - Up to 5mg/m 6-12 month intervals

Medium Dust - Up to 10mg/m 3-6 month intervals

High Dust - Over 10mg/m 1-3 month intervals

Wear it, Fix it, Move it

We offer a variety of options for every environment. Fix it with the included industry standard clip or using our bespoke Body Mount Kit and Wall/Pole Mount Kits.

Part Numbers

XD One Unit - TX8060.00

Body Mount Kit - P5644.01

Pole / Wall Mount Kit - P5644.02

Cab Charger - P5644.4005

Compliance Pack ONE (1-off) - P5628.4002

Compliance Pack ONE (12-off) - P5628.4003

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