Service & Calibration

Service and Calibration

The a1-cbiss Service Centre offers service, repair and calibration for a wide range of single and multigas detection products.

The only way to verify that a gas detector or gas monitor is responding accurately, to toxic or flammable gas exposure, is through routine calibration and functional bump tests.

Calibration of your personal gas detectors not only ensures your units are fully functioning but that you are complying with important legislation and Health & Safety regulations. Gas detection manufacturers recommend calibrating gas detectors and monitors every 6 months.

Why Calibrate?

In the space of just one month, gas sensors can drift as much as <2% to <5%. This is an undeniable fact for electrochemical sensor technology.

Regular service & calibration ensures:

  • 100% accurate sensor technology
  • Compliance with Health & Safety regulations
Why Choose a1-cbiss?
  • Express 24hr calibration available
  • Factory trained industry service technicians
  • Approved service centre by leading manufacturers
  • Stock holding of consumables and spare parts
  • Dedicated customer service advisor
  • Low prices - starting from just £30*
  • Contact us for volume pricing
Save 20% on Calibration Contracts
  • 2 and 3 year contracts available
  • Sensor replacement (O2, Dual CO/H2S*, LEL Pellistor*)
  • Bi-annual calibration reminders
  • Return delivery Included
  • GMI and Crowcon
  • Contact us for details
  • *3 year contracts only
Which Gas Detectors Can Be Serviced?
  • GMI (Teledyne) - PS200, PS500, BM25
  • Crowcon - Gasman, Tetra 3, T4, Gas-Pro
  • BW - Gas Alert Micro Clip, Gas Alert Extreme, Gas Alert Quattro, Gas Alert Micro 5
  • RAE - ToxiRAE Pro, QRAE3, MultiRAE, MicroRAE
  • Industrial Scientific - GasBadge, Ventis, Radius BZ1
  • ThermoFisher (App-Tek) - OdaLog
What Happens Once I Send In My Gas Detector?
  • Functional checks made
  • Repairs carried out (if required)
  • Calibration performed
  • Test Certificate issued
Gas Detection Manufacturer Approval

Book Your Service & Calibration

Book Your Service & Calibration

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