Stationary Gas Conditioning System

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The stationary gas conditioning system ASS has been designed so that detailed gas analyses can be carried out continuously.

Product Description


The stationary system is suitable for variable, discontinuous and continuous operation.

The components built into the system can be used for standard applications.

The heated sample line is to be mounted at the gas measuring inlet connector made of stainless steel.

A ball-valve can be fitted to the inlet terminal of the system in order to calibrate analyser(s) with check gas.

The amount of flow is determined by a sample gas diaphragm pump.

The sample gas pump series AMP is activated automatically by means of an excess temperature contact on the cooler.

Optional flow meters with integrated needle valve are available.

The flow meters are built-in as the electronic controller.

The unique microprocessor controlled Peltier cooler is a powerful designed dew-point stabiliser.

The dew-point is set at 4°C but can be changed at any value between 1°C and 15°C. The gas cooler is equipped with a heat exchanger and all gas wetted parts are inert silcon-coated.

A heat exchanger made of full stainless steel is available as well.

A preliminary fine filter (AUF) is installed at the inlet of the gas sampling pump and can be equipped with a variety range of filter elements in different materials and porosities.

Any condensation is continually removed by a peristaltic pump (type ACP ASR25).


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