Nikki Karlstad

What is a Project You’re Proud Of?

Nikki is most proud of how the team at a1-cbiss work together. Everyone is from different backgrounds, with different skill sets but the whole team pulls together to make sure each project is done to the best of ability.

There are different people involved at different stages of each project right from receipt of PO through to installation and commission on site. Each stage brings different parts of the team together. Be it supplying the detailed design drawings, to updating the customer, building, and testing the equipment before delivery right through to making sure the equipment is fully operational and as expected when we finish our work.

Nikki comments, “It’s a pleasure to work with a team of such committed individuals.”

What Would You Like to Achieve?

Nikki’s main aim is to look for continuous improvement. That could be anything from how we build things inhouse right through to making life easier for the install guys out in the field. It’s what we should all be doing to help each other out. Some ideas might work, some might not.

No one should ever think that the way things are done now is how it will be forever. The world is a constantly changing place and the only way to keep up is to change with it. Even the smallest changes can help improve things so we should constantly be looking around us and thinking about what we could do in a better way.

What Do You Like About a1-cbiss?

Working for a1-cbiss is all about the atmosphere. Even when the pressure is on, there is always a sense of humour and a laugh to get through the day. It’s more like being part of a big family. At a1-cbiss there is a willingness to work together to get the job done. Everyone works hard, comes together, and makes it happen.

What Did You Do Before a1-cbiss?

Nikki has always worked within an industry which is relatively unusual. Prior to working at a1-cbiss she spent about 12 years working within the Water Treatment Industry.

“I had been part of the service departments within those businesses. I have spent a lot of years working with Service Engineers and I have found over the years that they are a special breed.”

“While there are aspects of the job which are always the same, it was a learning curve with regards adapting from one industry to another. It was quite interesting to learn about a new industry which I had never been involved with before and was so very different to everything I was used to. I still find myself every day learning things that are helping me with my tasks and increasing my knowledge. As they say, “every little helps”.

What’s Your Life Ambitions or Hobbies?

Nikki loves nothing more than getting out into our beautiful countryside and exploring the country we live in. She’s visited a lot of places around the UK still feels she has so much more exploring to do. From countryside walks to mini city breaks, it’s the explorer in her that takes control when not at work.

In previous years, it has been exploring the world that she has enjoyed and is certain in years to come she will be able to get back to doing that. Her final thought “Sometimes think that I should have been born as a nomad as I all too often get itchy feet if I haven’t been somewhere in a while”.

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