VeriAir Flex 1 Litre Manual-Inflating Sample Bag

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The VeriAir Flex patented volumetric pump and sample bag design lets you rapidly collect an air sample in a bag, saving you time and money when compared to other methods.

Excl. VAT: £40.00 Incl. VAT: £48.00
Excl. VAT: £40.00 Incl. VAT: £48.00

Product Description


Why is Air Sampling Necessary?

Air sampling and analysis is used by both occupational hygienists and health & safety professionals to assess workplace contaminants and associated worker exposures.

Air sampling bags provide highly accurate information on almost any gas, particulates and dusts, and vapours that may be present.

Many professionals use air sampling bags to ascertain more in-depth information after initially screening the area using Gastec detector tubes for risk assessment

Why Choose VeriAir Flex®?

VeriAir Flex® Gas sampling bags are recognised as cost-effective alternatives to electronic devices for collecting gas samples.

The major advantage that VeriAir Flex® bags have over Tedlar® bags is that VeriAir Flex® bags do not require an external pump or other sampling equipment. Not only is this a more simple procedure, but there are no associated costs from purchasing a pump.

The VeriAir Flex® bag uses a patented integrated handle design that can be used for both filling the sample bag and removing or flushing a gas sample from the bag.

Immediate sampling can be performed using the VeriAir Flex® bag, which is always ready for use and can be air shipped for overnight rush analysis.

Each sample bag has the capacity to collect 1 litre


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