Z4 Welding & Grinding Helmet

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The Z4® welding helmet offers an all in one powered air respirator and head protection for use in the most demanding of welding applications.

The dual air distribution directs air across the grinding visor to prevent fogging and keeps the user cooler for longer.

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Product Description


With the primary focus on comfort, the RPB ® Z4 ® is designed so you'll benefit from fewer aches and strains when worn over your shift.

The Z4 is suitably worn when carrying out intermittent welding and grinding. For continuous welding, consider the use of the Z-Link.

Key Benefits for the Wearer

  • Flip-Up Visor - The Z4 ® comprises of a crystal-clear grinding visor and a flip-up welding visor which you can lift to check welds and instantly begin grinding.
  • Optional Clip-in Shade 5 Side Windows - Offer a maximum peripheral vision. These can be switched out for window blockers which are also included in the standard package.
  • Superior Optical Quality - The Z4 ® is fitted with our large ADF lens boasting an optical quality rating of 1.1.1.
  • Configurable Lens - Advanced angular dependence control guarantees uniform shading and distortion-free vision, allowing operators to work comfortably across different angles as required.
  • Adjustable Air Flow - The dual air distribution system delivers 75% to your breathing zone via a multi-directional outlet. The remaining 25% is directed over the grinding visor to prevent fogging
  • Easy to Don - The Z4 can be attached in less than one minute providing immediate protection from airborne workplace hazards.

Cost of Ownership Benefits for the Purchaser

  • If any parts are damaged and need replacing, just replace the single part, not the whole headtop
  • By changing the pre-filter every couple of days, this will protect the P3 filter in the long-run

Comes complete with:

15-010-21 - Z4 Weld/Grind helmet c/w 1:1:1:1 Auto Darkening Lens, FR Rated Shoulder Cape or Shroud


To further increase your comfort and stability, the Z4® can be fitted with;

COMFORT-Link™ padding system. The system is easily adjustable and evenly distributes the weight of the respirator across your head, making those long shifts a breeze!

COMMS-LINK ™ In-helmet communication system.

VISION-LINK™ Helmet lighting system.

Buy-To-Try System

Once you've worn the RPB respirators, you'll see how much more lightweight, comfortable and adaptable they are compared to your usual respirators. So take advantage of the 30 day trial buy-to-try system. If you are not totally satisfied, we'll give you a refund. Request a call back so we can setup your trial.


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