a1-cbiss Data Acquisition Software (CDAS)


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a1-cbiss Data Acquisition Software (CDAS) is a fully MCERTS accredited (parts A, B, C1 & C2) real time data acquisition software packed with benefits to help you to achieve compliance

Product Description


a1-cbiss Data Acquisition Software (CDAS) is a fully MCERTS accredited (parts A, B, C1 & C2) real time data acquisition software – now available for Windows 10.

“CDAS is the most advanced MCERTS Certified data acquisition software package”.

The ease and flexibility of CDAS creates a unique feel that allows the user to create user defined profiles, allowing several of these profiles to exist at once.

“Packed with enhanced features in helping you to achieve compliance”


  • EN14181 Compliance
  • Logging and Trending Systems
  • Dual Redundancy
  • Filter and Annotate Event Log
  • Automatic Report
  • Notification of Digital and Analogue Alarm Via SMS or Email


Data Collection, Processing & Visualisation

The flexibility of the software means that raw data can be collected from a range of CEMS and gas detection instruments. The results are then implemented in a bespoke report. The reports can be saved as a PDF file or exported and are now saved as XML files rather than database files.

Logging and Trending Packages

CDAS Advanced
CDAS Advanced is designed to meet the demands of the CEMS market. Additional features include a more flexible corrections system, new averages and improved graphical features.
• EN14181 - QAL2 calibration functions
• Ethernet communications
• 3 level user security system
• Secure encrypted data files storing data at different stages of processing

CDAS Elite
CDAS Elite is the complete data logging, trending and analysis package, expanding on the features available in CDAS Advanced. CDAS Elite offers full support for EN14181 QAL3 testing, allowing full or semi automatic control of the testing procedure.
• EN14181 QAL3 periodic calibration options
• EN14181 QAL3 analysis reports
• Support for dual redundancy of software

Onsite Demonstration
To ensure that you’re making the most of the CDAS software you can request an on-site visit from one of our CEMS specialists.


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