Sequential Sampling

a1-cbiss would recommend the installation of a sequential sampling/sniffer system when multiple points of detection are required as a cost-effective solution in non-safety critical environments.

Sampler Cost Savings

Samplers save costs versus using a gas transmitter in every monitoring location.

This is made possible because;

Gas sensing takes place within the system rather than installing a gas sensor at each point of detection.
The practicalities of installing and positioning of conventional gas transmitters can be more complicated.
Of costs involved laying cables and tray work.
Ongoing maintenance costs of gas transmitters are greater than samplers.

Where Are They Used?

Sampler and Sniffer systems are designed to operate in several sectors such as breweries, car parks, process control, marine and refrigeration in retail.

As each system is custom built to your specification, we can tailor the gas leak monitoring system to include just what you need, saving time and money on both capital expenditure and on-going maintenance costs.

Case Study - IR Sensors Overcome Silicone Dust Problem at Waste Facility

Discover how an a1-cbiss site survey revealed the inadequate use of pellistor sensors at a waste facility following the issues with their hydrocarbon gas readings.

News - New Calibration Requirements Set by the EA

The EA are keen to improve the accuracy of CO2 data and other pollutants reported under the Pollution Inventory and therefore are asking all EfW plant operators to calibrate their CO2 and N2O CEMS and flow meters by 2023. Find out exactly what the EA are asking for, and how to make sure you're still compliant.

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