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PID Lamp

Photo Ionisation Detectors (PID)

Photo Ionisation Detectors (PID) are used for measuring Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) as part of environmental surveys such as land remediation, tank leak checking. The most common lamp ratings are 9.8eV, 10.6eV and 11.7eV. 

10.6eV is the most efficient and commonly used lamp because it has a 2-3 year lifespan. The 11.7eV lamp can measure the biggest library of VOCs yet it has the shortest lifespan because it requires more power and burns out. The 9.8eV PID lamp requires the lowest power and has the longest lifespan but is limited to the number of VOCs it can detect.

  • Low ppb Detection Accuracy – The ppbRAE is designed to point and measure VOC’s in very low concentrations in ppb (parts per billion) in environmental, HazMat, oil & gas or industrial applications.
  • Leading Brands – a1-cbiss supply RAE Systems PID detectors – renowned for high quality and reliability. 
  • Detectors You Can Rely On – Problems are less likely to arise if your PIDS have a regular service plan. PID service plan starting from £50.
  • Expert Guidance – We consider the exposure limits, environmental conditions, your purpose of gas detection and your budget to propose you a fit for purpose PID detection solution.

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