Service & Support

On-site service is available for all Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems and Gas Detection Systems. Our service department provides repair, calibration, preventative maintenance, software support and remote diagnostics.

Service & Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is an important part of keeping monitoring and control systems operating correctly.

We are able to support our equipment by telephone, in house or on site. Full repair facilities allow our engineers to turn around equipment repairs with minimal delay.

For problems involving site based equipment, our engineers are able to visit site in order to provide help and assistance to rectify equipment problems.


Based on your requirement, we can provide various levels of user training on the equipment and further support throughout the life of the equipment with our dedicated service team.


Technical Support

a1-cbiss can provide dedicated technical support via onsite service visits or telephone support. The alternative is if your site is networked into a1-cbiss’s Remote Management System then diagnostics can be done remotely.

Remote Access

For clients with a single site or multiple sites, a1-cbiss’s ‘Remote Access’ provides 24/7 visibility, equipment and process management, data extraction and backup facility.

Web based access enables remote interrogation of the site, remote configuration and our fully automated maintenance and management service.

Case Study - CO2 In Breweries

Learn about the hidden dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2) in breweries and the essential measures to ensure safety. Uncontrolled levels of CO2 can lead to severe health hazards, even suffocation, making proper monitoring absolutely crucial. Discover how the accumulation of CO2 during fermentation and storage processes can create hazardous pockets. Implementing a comprehensive gas detection system, including fixed CO2 sensors and personal detectors, is crucial to protect brewery personnel.

Case Study - a1-cbiss Engineer a Brewery Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System

Discover how a1-cbiss helped two major breweries in the UK ensure health and safety compliance with a tailored Carbon Dioxide monitoring system. With elevated CO₂ levels during fermentation, a1-cbiss designed a solution using advanced gas detection technology. The system provides visual warnings, integrates with ventilation systems, and offers real-time data acquisition and reporting.

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Contact us - Our team of application specialists can assist you with system design, installation, maintenance, and repair. As a systems integrator, we provide end-to-end support to ensure your facility has a reliable and effective gas detection system in place.

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