Book a Site Survey

Our team of engineers are experts in specifying systems to suit your requirements.

Our site survey  is the most effective way for us to assess your needs, evaluate site conditions and to discuss the installation plan.

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Why Do We Recommend a Site Survey?

To understand what are you trying to achieve – safe pre-entry check, risk of gas exposure alarms, visual presentation of data, process control, data reporting etc

A  site survey allows us to provide an accurate assessment by identifying:

Leak source or potential flow/collection of gas
Potential sensor placement
Access to all sampling points
Number of detection or sampling points
Type of gas (explosive, toxic, oxygen)
Zone type (safe zone, 1, 2)
Output to ventilation, shutdown etc

By checking the cabling and power sources, the site survey reduces risk for the installation and to learn of any restrictions that may hinder a smooth install


A Nationwide Business

Whilst head office is in the North-West, we are a nationwide business. We have customers as far as Cornwall, Inverness, Norwich, and Cumbria so we’re more than happy to visit any UK site location.