Build & Integration

At a1-cbiss, we manufacture our own equipment and integrate other products into bespoke systems as part of a project build.

Our capabilities include:


Panel & 19” Rack Build – Layout, fitting, and assembly of electrical, electronic, and pneumatic & fluidic (hazardous & non-hazardous gases) equipment
Refurbishment and upgrade of existing systems
Multiplexer systems saving cost of individual sensors or separate analysers
Batch production of our off-the-shelf products (AIRQUAL-1, Automatic Refrigerant Monitoring System (ARMS), Intelligent Valve Injection System (IVIS), Automatic Switch Panel (ASP))
Use of a wide range of floor standing & wall mount enclosures, available in stainless steel, GRP, and mild steel, up to and including IP66 rated
Fabrication & assembly of sample conditioning equipment specifically suited for sampling harsh environment processes
Intrinsically safe equipment and circuits suitable for use in ATEX zones
Extensive range of testing including electrical, pressure and functional testing
Proven reliable products & system design – Many original systems still running and still supported beyond 10 years

Our 13000sq/ft fully equipped workshop has been adapted for the build of multiple Continuous Emission Monitoring and Gas Detection system projects.

We have access to an extensive range of high-quality and reliable components from industry-leading manufacturers such as Envea, nVent Hoffman, Schneider, SMC, Unitrunk and Weidmuller.

We are ISO9001 accredited and have full traceability throughout our manufacturing process.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are carried out at our premises, with your preferred option of in-house or remote facilities.

We integrate emissions monitoring analysers as a complete package in GRP housings. The fully wired, pre-configured and tested shelters are delivered and installed on site, ready to be powered up.

We offer:

Fire rated, GRP (AMS) housings that are fully configurable from the size and layout, to the colour, cladding and insulation.
Stainless steel gland plates as standard, with Roxtec option
Stand-alone single and dual air conditioning
DSEAR and BS EN 61285 compliant redundant ventilation
Installation of cable support systems providing complete integration between major control and instrumentation components
Automatic and manual changeover configurations
LV distribution, lighting & sockets
Designated customer interface for hardwired signals
Integrated fire detection, fire suppression and gas detection systems; oxygen depletion, ozone, LEL, etc.
Supply of flanges and nozzles
Wide range of fuel and calibration gas cylinder storage options
Supply of fuel and calibration gases
Logistics & shipping – Transportation to site
Ability to provide local or remote training prior to delivery

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DF-TV7 flame detector
air cems in shelter

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