Boundary Monitors

Boundary monitors are installed because they give a complete picture of the dust and gas levels around the perimeter of your site. By continuously monitoring ambient gas and dust, you’re able to map the data from your operations to see the potential effect on your local environment.
The access to real-time data acts as a comfort and the health of all employees and nearby residents.

Our boundary monitoring system, Cairnet® is a real-time, standalone, and networkable air-monitoring station containing up to 6 Cairsens® microsensors that cost-effectively monitors dust and gas using cellular communication within a waterproof enclosure.

What Services Can You Expect from a1-cbiss? 

Legislation Knowhow – We help companies from all sectors to understand the relevant environmental legislation.
– Site Survey – Whether you are unsure of which gas technology you need, how many points of detection you require or where they need to be positioned, a1-cbiss can conduct a site survey anywhere in the UK. By working on a range of factors we’ll calculate what you need.
– Total Personal Safety – a1-cbiss can supply a wide range of products for everything related to gas detection – Personal gas detectors, Spot Check Tubes, Respirators, Harnesses, Fixed gas detection systems and more

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