Boundary Monitoring

Consider The Neighbours

Foul odours cause annoyance to people residing near wastewater treatment plants and landfill sites. As gas vents to atmosphere, it contributes to the degradation of local air quality.

The EA is often the subject of numerous complaints from residents. To deal with odour issues, emission surveyors are positioned to record gases as it passes over the boundary.

Our air quality monitoring stations are ideal for landfill monitoring studies as they can be easily deployed anywhere even in poor weather conditions.

Once emissions levels are breached, real-time alerts ping a notification. Stored data creates an environmental report as part of an air quality strategy.


Key Features

Real-time monitoring for the most common types of pollutants: H2S / CH4S, NH3, nmVOC, O3/ NO2, NO2, CO, SO2, PM10 & PM2.5 particulates
Very high sensitivity to capture low level gas concentrations in air (down to ppb)
Easy to use, easy to move: no cables or complicated installation, just set up and move to different locations on your site as needed
Boundary monitors include measurement of temperature, relative humidity, and pressure
Solar powered options where mains power isn’t available

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