Application: Laboratories

In research and development laboratories, the use of toxic and inert gases requires significant gas monitoring due to the use of nitrogen in many of these areas.

Our Solution: Spot Checking

Lab technicians handle chemicals and hazardous materials in fume hoods to reduce the risk of contact.

To check their safe use, detector tubes indicate levels of present gas. They provide a low-cost method of gas detection, making them ideal for lab technicians to carry out spot checks.

Application: Gas Cylinder Storage Rooms

Cylinders of oxygen and medical gas are kept in storage rooms to be later used on wards as ‘gas and air’ during pregnancy or to help patients with breathing difficulties.

Our Solution: Oxygen Depletion System

The installation of an oxygen depletion system near to gas storage areas provides nursing staff with the confidence that it’s safe to enter to collect a cylinder.

Application: Wards

Bed bound patients have access to an air supply to assist with their breathing. Occasional testing is required in line with EN12021 to measure the breathing air in compressed air lines.

Our Solution: Compressed Breathing Air Testing

The AIRQUAL-1 is designed to meet the EN12021 standards. Testing should be performed every 3 months to make sure the breathing lines are free from dangerous contaminents and the air is safe to breathe.

Application: Sterilisation

With advances in sterilisation, hospital technicians in endoscopic units sterilise equipment and instruments multiple times per day.

This results in technicians being exposed to more concentrated sterilants than ever before. This increase in concentration intensifies the potential for overexposure to dangerous chemicals such as Peracetic Acid causing lasting health effects.

Overexposure to PAA can cause some serious health issues, including pulmonary edema, permanent lung damage, skin burns, and more.

Our Solution: Continuous Area Monitoring

A continuous monitor is required to serve as an early warning for leaks and provide a safety measure for your employees. The Steri-Trac monitor enables you to effectively manage the breathing environment.

a1-cbiss have completed several installations in Endoscopy departments all over the UK.

Application: Refrigeration

Hospital morgues are refrigerated to store the deceased prior to being collected by the funeral director. Quite often there’s a large refrigeration charge which can be dangerous in the event of a leak for anyone entering the room.

Our Solution: Leak Detection System

Continuous leak detection is required to test for refrigerant gas leakage and warn of a possible danger.

Case Study – Hospital Endoscopic Units Install PAA Monitoring System to Safeguard Technicians

Due to the volume of Peracetic Acid (PAA) used for sterilisation, endoscopic technicians can be exposed to dangerous levels with an associated risk of long-lasting health effects. A private trust contacted a1-cbiss looking for a JAG accredited PAA monitoring system.

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