Area Gas Detectors

Belt & Braces for Ultimate Safety – Workers should always wear gas detectors when working in or around a hazardous environment, but some applications are better suited for continuous area monitoring. Area gas monitors can be used alongside personal gas detectors to provide a tough ‘belt and braces’ safety approach.

Always With You – Area monitors provide benefits like those of a fixed gas detection system, however, they can be transported and repositioned to suit your needs.

Ring It – Area gas monitors provide protection to workers in confined space applications, perimeter, and fenceline monitoring.

Multi Sensor Choice – Area monitors are available with a wide range of sensor options including your standard oxygen, flammable, toxic sensors, while some can monitor VOCs using PID detection.

Loaded with Features – At a1-cbiss, our area monitors come with the option of an integral pump for sampling, along with alarms and high decibel sounders, with multiple flashing beacons to ensure good visibility in all conditions.

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