Oxygen Depletion Systems

Oxygen deficiency poses a significant risk of asphyxiation in enclosed or confined spaces – storage areas, pipes, sewers and tunnels due to the lack of ventilation.

Cellars or brewing processes are prime areas where oxygen deficiency occurs due to the use of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Nitrogen is an inert gas which is used in purging tanks. The use of inert gas requires testing to ensure it’s safe to enter.

Oxygen monitors help to ensure a working environment is safe. If levels become dangerous, the monitors will alarm.

A repeater unit does not monitor the oxygen levels, but mimics the alarm on the oxygen monitor. Install a repeater unit outside the room to warn against entry.

Depending on the size of the room and the amount and type of cryogenic liquid stored, a1 cbiss has a range of oxygen depletion and enrichment monitors and repeaters to fit most requirements.


Oxygen Depletion Monitors

Oxygen monitors should be installed in laboratories, breweries, confined spaces or any areas where these potential oxygen depletion risks exist.

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