Bulk Material Flow Optimisation


The monitoring of powders and dusts helps make industrial processes safer, more efficient and creates cost reduction benefits.

There are many benefits to measuring and monitoring the flow of powders and granules in bulk handling processes.

We have solutions for mass flow measurement, material flow monitoring, and limit-level measurement.

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Flow Measurement

Measure the volume of bulk powders and granules in energy from waste, chemical and cement industries. Our most common application is to control lime reagent for an accurate flow within the dosing system. The advantage: bulk materials can be accurately measured in free fall and pneumatic conveying allows the right amount of material to be added to a process reducing wastage costs.

Flow Detectors

Our flow detectors determine the flow of bulk solid materials or whether blockage has occurred in pipelines, ducts, at transfer points of chutes or conveyor belts.

These microwave-based sensors detect and monitor flow/no-flow conditions without making contact.

The rugged industrial housing works reliably and as soon as the material flow gets interrupted, the FlowJam signals it by switching the relays, so that the operator can react appropriately.

This real-time flow of information allows you to understand the flow in your process which leads to reduced downtime, better production quality and improved cost management because of efficiency in production.

By using microwaves there is a high insensitivity to built-up on the sensor window which makes the instruments virtually maintenance and trouble-free.

Level Monitoring

Point level sensors in storage, process containers, or ducts prevent the flow of bulk material once fill limits are reached to prevent overflowing or to determine an accurate level of material within a chamber.

Level monitors are effective in biomass and reagent storage containers to monitor limit levels, and ash collection hoppers to continuously monitor rising levels of fly ash.

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