Pharmaceutical Sterilisation

In the pharmaceutical industry, a sterile environment is crucial and therefore, particular emphasis is placed on the air quality to ensure quality operations.  Compressed air must be free of contaminants. The presence of these contaminants is likely to disrupt productivity and must be monitored. 

Unlike IR Sensors, Our Systems are Unaffected by Moisture 

Water vapour in compressed air interferes heavily with all infrared technologies. However, our gas monitors are unaffected by moisture which allow us to continuously monitor contaminents in compressed air.

Our Solution – Continuous Sampling Systems

A continuous monitor is required to serve as an early warning for leaks and monitor exposure levels within laboratories. 

We also have experience of installing systems for the monitoring of methylene chloride, also known as dichloromethane. It has widespread use in pharmaceutical sterilisation.

Endoscopic Sterilisation

In endoscopic units, hospital technicians  sterilise equipment and instruments multiple times per day.

Technicians are exposed to sterilant gases. Repeated handling of sterilants intensifies the potential for overexposure to dangerous concentration of chemicals.

Overexposure to Peracetic Acid (PAA) can cause lasting and serious health issues, including pulmonary edema, permanent lung damage, skin burns, and more.

Our Solution – Fixed Sensors

Wall mounted sensors continuously record levels of sterilant gases such as Peracetic Acid or Hydrogen Peroxide.

Using a calibrated sensor exchange program, sensors are reliable and perform to the max.

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