Process Emissions & Control

As the uncertainties of environmental regulations continue, combustion plants and energy from waste plant operators are faced with numerous emissions reduction challenges.

Process gas monitors accurately record raw gases: HCl, NOx, SO2, and mercury to provide abatement flow monitors with accurate data. This helps ensure the right level of absorbents are added to the process to control acid gases, mercury & heavy metals and during NOx reduction.


Working alongside process gas monitors, absorbent flow monitors control the process to avoid over and under use of absorbents to operational cost savings

PicoFlow Blue Mass Flow Measurement Sensor

Material Monitoring

We manufacture an unrivalled range of monitors for material movement from silos, ash collection and dust to meet the continued demands of industrial processes.

With almost 25 years of experience, we have achieved extensive knowledge in use of sensors for the measurement of flow, level, moisture, concentration, velocity and particle size.

We employ the latest ground-breaking microwave and electromagnetic technologies.

Our instruments help you to better understand and control your process to increase efficiency and product quality.

Dust & Particulate Monitoring

We manufacture an unrivalled range of dust and particulate monitors to meet the broad needs of particulate emitting industries worldwide and the requirements of national and international regulations.

Based on this groundbreaking range of approved particulate monitors, ENVEA’s instruments allow end users to improve emissions to the atmosphere also better understand and measure their particulate emissions to achieve cost savings (in terms of reduced filter maintenance) and reduce production downtime.

Raw Gas Measurement

ENVEA operates in almost all stages of industrial processes.

In addition to dust and powder measurement, gases are important to monitor and measure in order to keep the process running at an optimal rate.

We offer a complete range of products that will help you to control and manage your process.

With our comprehensive range of sampling systems and gas analysis technologies, we are able to offer you the measurement system according to your specifications and requirements in order to maintain the high performance of your industrial processes


Leakage Detection

Your facilities and equipment can cause fugitive emissions and leakages, resulting in environmental pollution and financial losses for your business.

We offer a wide range of gases and particulate air monitors, that will allow you to detect any pollution in real time.

They will help you ensure the safety of your employees, locate and reduce odour emissions and air pollutant fallout related to your sector.

Cloud-Based Monitoring & Analysis

With ENVEA you can take the next step and utilise that data to predict, monitor and respond early to issues such as filter leaks and process performance.

Plants can use measurement data to be pre-emptive and proactive, performing maintenance not to replace broken filter bags but to avoid broken bags and costly plant shutdown or loss of product.

The basic set up consists of this solution is the ENVEA sensor or measurement device connecting to a controller which in turn connects to the cloud. The software in the cloud then displays the measurements in actionable and reportable formats.

In addition to new ENVEA products, which will have networked and cloud-based functionality, ENVEA can upgrade an existing sensor and controller system to enable cloud-based data acquisition and analysis.


Case Study - CO2 In Breweries

Learn about the hidden dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2) in breweries and the essential measures to ensure safety. Uncontrolled levels of CO2 can lead to severe health hazards, even suffocation, making proper monitoring absolutely crucial. Discover how the accumulation of CO2 during fermentation and storage processes can create hazardous pockets. Implementing a comprehensive gas detection system, including fixed CO2 sensors and personal detectors, is crucial to protect brewery personnel.

Case Study - a1-cbiss Engineer a Brewery Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System

Discover how a1-cbiss helped two major breweries in the UK ensure health and safety compliance with a tailored Carbon Dioxide monitoring system. With elevated CO₂ levels during fermentation, a1-cbiss designed a solution using advanced gas detection technology. The system provides visual warnings, integrates with ventilation systems, and offers real-time data acquisition and reporting.

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