BM25 Area Gas Monitor

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Why use the BM25?

The BM25 packs the benefits of a fixed-system area monitor into an easily transportable, yet rugged instrument, which is capable of monitoring from 1 to 5 gases through diffusion or sample draw to protect response teams or maintenance teams in high gas-risk areas during on-site work, shutdowns or short-term maintenance.

This makes the system easily adaptable to a variety of applications and industries such as the petrochemical, chemical, refineries, pharmaceutical, and water treatment industries as well as any work in confined spaces.

Watch the video to understand how to benefit from a network of area monitors

Choose From 32 Interchangeable Gas Sensors

There are now 32 interchangeable “smart” sensor options available for the BM25 including a PID sensor for VOCs, an IR sensor for CO2 and combustible gases, electrochemical sensors for toxic gas and oxygen detection, and a catalytic sensor for combustible gas detection.

Multiple Alarm System

When the BM25 detects a hazardous level of oxygen, toxic or combustible gas, the top-mounted beacon sends a flashing, bright signal in all directions while emitting a powerful, 103 dB siren alarm.

Long-Lasting Power Supply

The BM25 comes standard with a high capacity nickel-metal-hydride battery pack offering up to 170 hours of continuous runtime. Long-term area monitoring is possible in hazardous locations with an intrinsically safe trickle charge power supply. Also standard are STEL and TWA readings and nearly four months of datalogging capacity for a five-gas configuration.

Wireless BM25

The BM 25 Wireless brings you freedom and flexibility while keeping the standard characteristics of the BM 25.

The MX 40 controller was designed to centralise the information transmitted by the BM 25 over a wireless network and can display up to 32 measurements in real time. When a BM 25 signals an alarm, the MX 40 also goes into alarm mode and can, for example, control internal relays and order other monitors to transmit the alarm as well.

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