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Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Detection

Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Detectors – Portable gas detectors from a1-cbiss for the detection of Hydrogen Cyanide.

CAS Number: 74-90-8

STEL: 4.5ppm


Hydrogen Cyanide is a colourless to a pale blue liquid or gas. It has a distinct bitter almond-like odour.


Hydrogen Cyanide is particularly dangerous because of its toxic/asphyxiating effects on all life requiring oxygen to survive. Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) is one of the most lethal poisons, being twice as toxic as Potassium Cyanide. It can be fatal not only when swallowed, but, even when it merely comes into contact with the skin. Hydrogen Cyanide poisoning acts quick, it takes between a few seconds and a maximum of 30 minutes for a fatal dose (300ppm or more) to kill an adult. Hence, any emergency first aid measures must be immediately and swiftly initiated.

When the gas is inhaled it may cause headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, or vomiting and in severe cases, unconsciousness, or even death.

Where is it found

It is chiefly used as a source material for various organic compounds such as Acrylonitrile, or for Potassium Cyanide as well as in insecticides/pesticides, etc. Primarily at chemical plants where Hydrogen Cyanide is in use or ironworks, metal-plating plants, etc. where Hydrogen Cyanide is generated.

Hydrogen Cyanide gas products