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Nitrogen Dioxides Detection

Nitrogen Dioxides Gas Detectors – Portable gas detectors from a1-cbiss for the detection of Nitrogen Dioxides.

CAS Number: 10102-44-0
STEL: 5ppm
TWA: 3ppm


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is a yellowish-brown gas with a characteristic pungent, acrid odour. NO2 is soluble in water at which time it reacts to form nitric acid.


NO2 exposure in low doses can cause irritation of the eyes and throat, headache, nausea, and gradual loss of strength. High doses of NO2 can cause pulmonary edema (water in the lungs) and death.

Where is it found

NO2 can be found in industries where the burning of diesel fuel takes place. The most toxic component in diesel emissions is Nitrogen Dioxide.

Nitrogen Dioxide products