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Sulphur Dioxide Detection

Sulphur Dioxide Gas Detectors – Portable gas detectors from a1-cbiss for the detection of Sulphur Dioxide

CAS Number: 7446-09-5
STEL: 5ppm
TWA: 2ppm


Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) is a colourless gas with a characteristic, irritating, pungent odour. Sulphur Dioxide gas (sometimes referred to as sulphurous acid gas).


Sulphur Dioxide is a highly toxic gas which poisons its victims via inhalation through the lungs. SO2 combines with water to form sulphuric acid. It is, for this reason, SO2 can burn the respiratory tract upon inhalation. High concentrations cause severe irritation of eyes, nose, and throat. When it dissolves in the water content of the skin, a corrosive acid (sulphurous acid) is formed. Prolonged exposure can cause pulmonary oedema seriously affecting the respiratory process. Death can occur rapidly when exposed to high doses of Sulphur Dioxide.

Where is it found

It is produced industrially when compounds containing sulphur, such as fossil fuels like coal are burned.

Sulphur Dioxide products