Refrigerant Leak Detection

With the huge rise in cost for refrigerant gas, it pays to have an efficient refrigerant gas leak monitoring system installed that continuously checks for system charge gas leaks.

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

The ARMS 2 is an aspirated fixed refrigerant gas leak detection system designed to tick the important boxes. 

Reduce Refrigerant Loss & Minimise Costs
Quick identification of refrigerant gas leaks minimise the cost of having to replace lost (and increasingly more expensive) refrigerant gases

Legal Requirements – F-Gas Regulations
Under the current F-Gas Regulation it is mandatory for sites with an overall refrigerant charge of 500 tonnes CO2e or more to install a fixed refrigerant leak detection system.

Save on Samplers

Samplers save costs versus using a gas transmitter in every monitoring location:

  • Gas sensing takes place within the system rather than installing a gas sensor at each point of detection.
  • The practicalities of installing and positioning of conventional gas transmitters can be more complicated.
  • Of costs involved laying cables and tray work.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs of gas transmitters are greater than samplers.

Case Study - CO2 In Breweries

Learn about the hidden dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2) in breweries and the essential measures to ensure safety. Uncontrolled levels of CO2 can lead to severe health hazards, even suffocation, making proper monitoring absolutely crucial. Discover how the accumulation of CO2 during fermentation and storage processes can create hazardous pockets. Implementing a comprehensive gas detection system, including fixed CO2 sensors and personal detectors, is crucial to protect brewery personnel.

Case Study - a1-cbiss Engineer a Brewery Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System

Discover how a1-cbiss helped two major breweries in the UK ensure health and safety compliance with a tailored Carbon Dioxide monitoring system. With elevated CO₂ levels during fermentation, a1-cbiss designed a solution using advanced gas detection technology. The system provides visual warnings, integrates with ventilation systems, and offers real-time data acquisition and reporting.

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