ARMS2 - Refrigerant Leak Detection System


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The ARMS 2 is an aspirated refrigerant gas leak detection system which has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the F-Gas Regulation 

• Operational on over 150 sites across Europe

• Unique detection of up to 32 individual points

• Dual multi-gas detection including CO2 , NH3 or HFC’s

• Unique Quickscan feature -  to reduce cycle time

• Intuitive touch screen user interface with password protection

• Interfaces with most commonly used control systems

• 3 configurable alarms per gas

Product Description


The ARMS 2 is one of the most popular fixed refrigerant gas leak detection systems used to satisfy the requirements of the F-Gas Regulation.

The ARMS2 offers dual multi-gas detection of CO2 , NH3 or HFC’s of up to 32 points

a1-cbiss have over 20 years experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of custom built gas monitoring and sampling systems.

Industry Requirements

Under the current F-Gas Regulation it is mandatory for sites with an overall refrigerant charge of 500 tonnes CO2e or more to install a fixed refrigerant leak detection system. In January 2015, the F-Gas Regulations changed. Read the latest on the F-Gas legislation

Leak detection for F-Gas compliancy can be achieved with a fixed refrigerant gas leak detection system from a1-cbiss. By definition the ARMS 2 is a system which is calibrated mechanical, electrical or electronic device for detecting leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gases, which on detection, alerts the operator.

'Up to 32 individual channels can be supplied'

The ARMS 2 utilises multi-gas infrared sensor technology and can be supplied as an 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels model, to provide wide area refrigerant leak detection for the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases.

In addition to these features, the system also features a range of flexible I/O options as standard and fully configurable settings, accessed via the touch screen display.

The ARMS2 uses the Andros 6552 NDIR gas module with two gas channels can be applied to any type or combination of refrigeration systems that may employ CFC, HFC, HCFCs and CO2



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