Frequently Asked Questions

What do a1-cbiss do?

We offer gas detection, personal safety, plant protection and emissions monitoring solutions for a range of businesses, from small facilities up to large multi-site facilities and everything in between.

What services do you provide?

At a1-cbiss our industry-leading engineers can provide on-site surveys, on-site servicing, equipment specifications, project design, system integration, installation & commissioning and servicing & calibration. 

Thanks to our nationwide network of service & support engineers and our in-house service centre, all products and systems have access to repair, calibration, preventative maintenance, software support and remote diagnostics.

What makes a1-cbiss different from other Gas detection suppliers?

We are one of the few UK gas detection companies that can supply the whole package – from spec to system installation and ongoing service support. 

We pride ourselves on being a complete solution company; not only do we supply quality off-the-shelf products, but we also design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke gas monitoring solutions. Our portfolio, combined with years of knowledge and expertise, means we are able to offer a diverse range of engineered solutions.

I am looking for experts in Gas Detection. Would this be you?

Absolutely! We were founded in 1989, we began our journey and established the a1-cbiss name in designing bespoke analytical sampling systems – focusing our energy on Engineering, Design and Technical projects. 

Today, with over three decades of experience behind us; we combine this long-established engineering expertise, with outstanding customer service and consultation 

We’re ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001 Registered

Can you provide product and engineering information to help me select the right equipment?

Yes! We have quite a lot of information on our website which includes numerous guides to give you a better understanding of how we work. You can find them here:

Do you also sell direct to end-users?

Most definitely! You can purchase our products straight through our website – simply add them to your cart, fill in your details and you’re good to go. Or speak directly with our engineering team for systems or any other bespoke applications.

Do you just sell the gas detectors or can you provide engineering assistance setting it up?

At a1-cbiss, we work with clients to supply a complete or partial gas monitoring system installation to align with current environmental and safety legislation. We can fully integrate with existing systems, or we can just provide an upgrade of individual components.

Our project engineers work with you to ensure all equipment is installed to current specifications and meets project timescales.

On your website it says you are ISO 14001 certified, what does that mean?

ISO14011 is an international standard that sets out specific criteria for an effective environmental management system. It provides assurance that we are measuring our environmental impact and continuously improving on it.

I work in emissions monitoring for a plant and I was looking to start moving into personal safety gas detection. Would you be able to assist me in choosing the right one for me?

Yes of course! We have plenty of guides and product information on our website, and if you ever need to chat with anyone directly you can get in touch with us on 0151 541 8893 or fill out the form on our website Our team of technical salespeople, customer service advisors, and engineers can recommend the perfect system for you.

What markets do you specialise in?

Our products and services are required across a range of sectors including power generation, utilities, environmental, general industry, chemical, oil and gas, food & beverage and pharmaceutical.


We satisfy a number of environmental compliance regulations to carry out gas sampling for research purposes and to keep people safe at work.