GAS211 Sulphide Ions Gastec Soluble Ion Tubes 1 - 100ppm


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Product Description


GAS211 Sulphide Ions Gastec Soluble Ion Detector Tubes

The Gastec Sulphide Ion in Solution Detector Tube No. 211 provides an accurate, cost- effective, quick and easy method for detecting sulphide ion levels in solution. Determining a more efficient manner of testing for this has become paramount, especially in the wastewater treatment industry.

With Gastec’s easy-to-use system, direct-reading tubes produce a quantitative colour-stain that quickly pinpoints problem areas in just 2 to 3 minutes. The calibration scale, printed directly on each tube, provides on-the-spot results that are easy to read. This system saves you time and money by avoiding lengthy laboratory turnaround time. The Gastec sulphide ion tube requires no colour comparison chart or laboratory equipment to determine results. Additionally, the colour- stain ends with a clearly defined line of demarcation to further eliminate confusion, increasing the accuracy of the results.

The only equipment required for testing sulphide ions is the Gastec No. 211 detector tube and a clean container, saving money and eliminating the hassle of transporting cumbersome equipment. The system is so easy-to-use technical training is not necessary to perform tests accurately.

The detector tubes are available in four different ranges for more specific measuring, with a total range of 0.5 to 1000 ppm. With Gastec’s sulphide ion tube, no mixing of chemicals is required, minimising potential errors.

To measure, simply immerse the detector tube in a sample of liquid (placed in a beaker or other container). Anyone can measure concentrations quickly, easily and accurately on site.


Measuring Range

1 to 100 ppm

Sampling Time

2 minutes

Detecting Limit

0.5 ppm

Colour Change

White     to     Brown

Reaction Principle

S2- + Pb (CH3COO)2           PbS

Coefficient of Variation

10% (for 1 to 10 ppm), 5% (for 10 to 100 ppm)

Shelf Life

3 Years

Corrections for
temperature & humidity


Store the tubes at cool and dark place.


Possible coexisting substances and their interferences





Change colour by itself


500 ppm

Plus error

No discoloration


5000 ppm

Plus error

No discoloration


25 ppm

Minus error

Yellow discoloration


300 ppm

Minus error

No discoloration


50 ppm

Unclear demarcation

No discoloration

Calibration gas generation

Sodium Sulphide standard solution


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