a1-cbiss Annual Fundraiser

by | May 5, 2020 | Latest News

a1-cbiss have announced the fundraising challenge for 2020.

Each year, a1-cbiss as a collective, take on fundraising events to raise money for local charities.

Previously, we’ve supported the children’s hospice, Claire House by organising events – The 3 Peaks, The Wirral Walk. Last year we took on Tough Mudder and Mt Snowdon for the Owen Mcveigh Foundation.

This year is going to be particularly difficult with the restrictions imposed by the threat of Coronavirus. This will limit us from doing anything as a team, all organised events have been cancelled and people generally have less freedom due to personal commitments.

Government guidelines still encourage everyone to exercise on a daily basis so this presents an opportunity.

We still want to have a challenge but with the limitations in mind, we’ll have to think a little differently this year.


2020 Challenge

We’ve created a fun challenge to collectively walk, run or cycle (indoor or outdoor) 25,000 miles between May and the end of September.

It works out at just over 2.5 miles per person each day (based on 65 people working for a1-cbiss Ltd) but it means it can be done to fit around everyone’s new lifestyles.

Whilst it’s not a gung-ho, adrenaline-pumping or blood, sweat & tears, it poses a challenge because of the overall target set over such a long period.

Some of the team are very active and are often out cycling or running on a daily basis. Whilst others will use it to maybe give the dog an extra walk each day,  extend the daily stroll or encourage the kids to go on a bike ride.


Why this challenge?

Whatever you do, this challenge may give you the extra bit of incentive to engage in a new daily exercise or to push that little bit further. 

Daily exercise is encouraged for all sorts of health benefits and does you the world of good. If you want to;

> Lose weight

> Build fitness

> Reduce the threat of Type 2 diabetes

> Keep your joints supple

> Manage stress levels

> To spend time with family or close friends

Or simply enjoy the feel-good factor, regular exercise is the way to do it.


How will we fundraise?

By seeking per-mile sponsorship or you might start putting your pocket change in a jar after every activity. However you choose to do it, the element of fundraising can extend the enjoyment and the impact of your challenge.

We’ll be continuing to support the Owen McVeigh Foundation