X3301 Puts a Dampener on Potential Fires

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Latest News

The failure to have a highly efficient gas and flame detection system protecting your high explosion risk process can have dire consequences.

Flame detectors are reliably used to detect areas where large volumes of flammable materials are stored or transported. For example, FPSO, refineries, chemical storage or pipelines.

Optical flame detectors deliver flame detection response at a very fast speed to minimise the chances of a catastrophic event before an alarm reaches the fire control system.

Flame detectors are an ideal solution to the growing demand in industrial applications.When hazards are detected at an early stage, countermeasures can be initiated to protect the value of your product, personnel, the plant, and equipment.

Working with Detronics, we offer a wide range of highly specialised flame detectors for a wide variety of fires. Besides the established UV, IR, UVIR and dual IR flame detectors, we offer you the X3301 Multispectrum IR Flame Detector – the most versatile and robust flame detector in the FM range.


X3301 Multispectrum IR Flame Detector

X3301 flame gas detector







The X3301 delivers fast fire detection performance while limiting nuisance and false alarms.

With multiple sensitivity levels and output options, the X3301 flame detector provides high levels of protection for a wide range of hazardous applications and is a proven performer able to reach distances where detectors may have previously gone blind.

The X3301 contains three IR sensors with their associated signal processing circuitry. The standard output configuration includes fire alarm, fault and auxiliary relays, with an isolated 0 to 20 mA output model with optional HART communication.

The X3301 is now significantly improved with certification for:

> Greatest Field-Of-View (FOV) protection

> Longest detection range – Performance approved at 81m

> Detecting the greatest number of fuel types

> SIL 2 Capable for safety compliance

> Best in class for flame detection coverage and false alarm rejection

> Patented detection algorithms, optics and signal processing ensure reliable performance

> MED approved for deck installation offshore

X3301 – The Wise Choice for Chemical Storage

flame detectors in chemical storage

Optical flame detectors are very responsive (typically 3 to 8 seconds) and provide coverage for the entire space when mounted along the perimeter of open floating roof tanks (FRTs). This minimises the chances that a fire will become a catastrophic event before an alarm reaches the fire control system.


Why Buy the X3301 from a1-cbiss?

a1-cbiss is the UK distributor for Detronics covering the whole of the United Kingdom.  We pride ourselves as the complete solution company; we design, manufacture, install and commission turnkey gas and flame monitoring solutions. As a systems integrator, our portfolio of products, combined with years of knowledge and expertise means we are able to offer a diverse range of engineered solutions.

Buy Your X3301 Spares and Accessories from a1-cbiss

> Stainless Steel Mounting Arm

> Aluminum Mounting Arm

> X-Series Weather Shield

> Universal Air Shield Assembly

> Collar Attachment

> Field of View Limiter/ Weather Shield

> Sun Shade for X-Series Flame Detectors

> Inspector Software

> Laser/Aimer Holder

> Flange Mount