We’re Increasing Our Gastec Prices: Here’s Why

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Latest News

We’ve had to add a small increase to our Gastec detector tube prices but tried to remain competitive whilst still providing a brilliant service.

The last time we increased our Gastec prices was 2014 and a lot has changed since then. A small price increase helps us to ensure you can order your tubes easily, we can deliver them quickly and we have an office based team available to assist with your queries, deliver helpful sales support and great customer service.


Save and Buy Online – Standard tubes are still £28.50 when you order via our website


We like to be as transparent as possible here at a1-cbiss so here’s why we’re making changes.

Why are we increasing our prices? This is the first Gastec price increase since 2014. Having absorbed the increase in costs ourselves for many years, we have no choice but to add a small increase to prices.

What’s affected the price change? Exchange rate fluctuations, Gastec’s year on year production costs and changes to our import prices.

For a full pricelist, contact the sales office on 0151 321 0377 or email marketing@a1-cbiss.com for your copy.