Multi-Gas Detector Selection Guide

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Fixed Gas Detection, Gas Detection, Personal Safety

Multi-gas Detectors

Due to the rapid developments in technology, there are a vast amount of gas detectors now available to choose from. This makes the selection process much more difficult for any health and safety manager or instrument engineer involved in purchasing new equipment.

a1-cbiss have created a multi-gas detector selection guide which helps you through the important product features to consider when buying a Multi-Gas Detector.

Gas detection products are evolving all the time and manufacturers have been developing these products to improve worker safety and giving workers more confidence in the reliability of the product when it matters most!

Some of the latest gas detectors are very focused upon wireless technology. Wireless technology gives health and safety managers within the control room visibility of workers safety out in the field. This access to information allows decisions to be made before accidents happen.

Download the Multi-Gas Detector Selection Guide:

  • Classify the types of multi-gas detector
  • Understand the relevant product features
  • Our product recommendations
  • Multi-gas detector comparison guide

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