Tubeless Occupational Dust Sampler

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Personal Safety

Many construction and industrial sites have the potential to expose their workers to harmful occupational dust and particulates. Inhalation is usually the most significant route of entry into the body. Monitoring the air that people breathe is critically important.

Particulates (up to 100µm) that enter the nose and mouth during breathing and can be deposited anywhere in the respiratory tract. Respirable dust, however, is smaller (up to 10µm) and can penetrate into the deep lung where gas exchange takes place.

Personal air samplers for measuring occupational exposures

Traditional Air Sampling Technologies

Typically, for personal monitoring, a sampling pump worn on the belt draws a known volume of air. A sampling tube or hose connects from the sampling pump to the sampler which is typically mounted in the breathing zone. For particulates and dust, it would be a filter paper or suitable solid media.

The Ultrasonic Personal Air Sampler (UPAS) is Different

The UPAS is a self-contained, filter-integrated sampler offering a hassle-free tubeless design. This allows the UPAS to comfortably fit directly onto a person with no tubes or tape required. Therefore it is easy for the subject to wear while performing daily activities.

Substantial reductions in size, weight, noise, and cost along with increased durability has benefits over traditional sampling equipment.

Easy Access to Data

The UPAS app is used to primarily program the UPAS air sampler and set up the sample parameters. It can be quickly programmed from any tablet or phone to fit the users’ needs across various applications. Collected data can be uploaded wirelessly to a phone or computer with the UPAS app. Data is easily accessible while keeping the UPAS deployed.

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