Energy from Waste Environmental Monitoring

a1-cbiss are a leading integrator of continuous emission and process monitoring systems, with full turnkey capabilities into Energy from Waste facilities.

The benefit of implementing our proven solutions, ensure you comply with regulatory requirements, improve environmental performance, reduce wastage and therefore reduce site operating costs.


Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs
Why Choose a1-cbiss?

Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities are seen as the most beneficial option for dealing with the UK’s waste problem (due to the extensive growth in population and subsequent waste generation). Not only does energy recovery provide purpose for the once valueless waste sent to landfill, but it also provides a dependable source of renewable energy.


Due to the harmful gases that waste incineration produces, these plants are governed by strict environmental regulations. All waste burning plants, including small waste incineration plants, have to meet at least the stringent emissions limit set by the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU).


Sites are researching new ways to optimise their process which leads to lower emissions and greater operational cost savings.

Waste incineration plants that fall under the Industrial Emissions Directive are required to keep track of a variety of contaminants in their processs, including hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide, dust and oxides of both sulphur and nitrogen.


Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems – Our continuous monitoring systems enable you to monitor multiple gases, particulates and flow simultaneously supported by our own MCERTS accredited environmental data processing and reporting software.

Process Monitoring – Our instrumentation for the monitoring of powder, dust and gas helps to make processes more reliable, increases efficiency and creates cost reduction benefits.


Put your best foot forward – An excellent reputation for recommending and advising the most suitable products for your application
Flexible support – Service & support packages are fully flexible to meet customer-specific, legislative or budgetary requirements
Return on investment – The a1-cbiss duplex philosophy has been specifically developed to reduce downtime, ensuring you achieve a sound ROI
Future-proof your investment – Supply of quality products to optimise your process for improved cost efficiencies


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Discover how IR sensors overcome a dust problem to reinstate an effective gas detection system

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